My Foundational Course is Now Available at Art & Spirit Studio

My most popular course over the past ten years is making a fresh new comeback. This ground-breaking method of learning to see includes self-paced and pre-recorded (REAL TIME) video lessons that can be done at your convenience, with a two-hour live Zoom workshop and demonstration to open the course on November 18, 2023 at 2:00PM Eastern Time. The workshop will be recorded in case you have to miss it. The course also includes weekday support from me in our virtual classroom space. Read more below!

This course is the foundation of my greatest message as an artist and a teacher of visual art. It is my vocation to teach as many people as possible how to see by teaching them how to draw.

Using my groundbreaking methods developed over a decade of study and practice, if you can hold a pencil or pen you can draw exquisitely in a very short time, with devotion and short daily practice.

Drawing the ordinary world around us helps us to see and experience life as extraordinary and helps us fall deeper and deeper in the love with the world right around us. THis can have profound effects on our sense of well-being and it opens up the possibilities of our creative practice like nothing else.

It has been my vision and mission from the very beginning to reach and teach these truths to as many people as I can. That is why I am here. I hope you will join me on this important journey into the world of seeing and drawing.

Specifics to Know

  • We will be exploring both graphite pencil and pen, as well as using a brush with ink or watercolour, with a few surprises thrown in for good fun. The supply list is very basic, with room for your own favourite tools and materials to be included as you wish.

  • This course is suitable for both the brand new beginner to the most experienced artist.

  • The Course launches on November 17, 2023 with a Live Zoom gathering on the 18th from 2-4PM ET. The video lessons can be accessed at your convenience and the course materials will be available until March 31, 2024, when a new session of the course will begin. You can purchase this class at any time for complete access to the lessons, but will not receive the LIVE class after November 18, only the recording of the class.

  • This course is fully supported by me with check ins each week day for the duration of the course. I answer your questions and comment on your work if you choose to share it. It is also a place for community sharing. The community aspect of my courses sets them apart. It is a rich and welcoming, supportive experience. I monitor this closely.

  • I work very hard to keep the cost of my offerings affordable for most, but if you have a financial hardship please reach out at kateri.ewing@gmail. I always have a number of bursary options available.

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